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Internal Memo Shows Salvation Army Still Battles LGBT Equality

By EDGE | Dec 24
An internal document from the Salvation Army shows that despite lip service, the international non-denominational Christian church has official policies on the books to discriminate against LGBT people.

Church-Based Institutions Ponder Same-Sex Benefits

By Tom Coyne and John Seewer | Dec 23
Universities, charities and hospitals affiliated with churches that oppose same-sex marriage are facing the thorny question of whether they have an obligation - morally or legally - to extend health care benefits to spouses of gay and lesbian employees.

TLC to Air 'My Husband's Not Gay' Special

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 22
TLC is going to ring in the New Year with a new special called "My Husband's Not Gay" -- a reality program that follows a group of Mormon men who are all in relationships with women but are attracted to men.

Innovative California Rabbi Harold Schulweis Dies

Dec 19
Rabbi Harold Schulweis, an influential Conservative synagogue leader and scholar who fostered bold change, has died in Los Angeles at age 89.

Pat Robertson Fails Biology: Predicts Gay Extinction

By EDGE | Dec 18
According to Pat Robertson, gays and lesbians will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Church of England Appoints First Female Bishop

By Jill Lawless | Dec 17
The Church of England on Wednesday named the first female bishop in its 500-year history, promoting saxophone-playing, soccer-loving vicar Libby Lane to bishop of Stockport.

Pope Gives His Take on Divisive Family Meeting

Dec 10
Pope Francis says bishops spoke their minds, and may have even fought among themselves during a divisive church meeting on family issues. But he says no one questioned church teaching on marriage.

Vatican: Bishops Should be Led By Pope on Family

Dec 9
The Vatican has urged bishops to be guided by Pope Francis and the "turning point" of a recent meeting on family issues that sought to provide better pastoral care for gay and divorced Catholics and those living in civil unions.

Tempe, Ariz Pastor's "Kill the Gays" Remarks Draw Protests

Dec 8
A Tempe pastor drew protests outside a church for his comments about homosexuals and AIDS.

'Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas' Has the Lowest IMDb Rating

By EDGE | Dec 8
The critics have weighed in and the people have spoken: the biggest piece of turkey leftover from Thanksgiving is "Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas."

1 thru 10 of 646 Stories