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Your Holiday Menu with an EDGE

By EDGE | Monday Dec 23, 2013
Are you scrambling to pull together a holiday menu and worried about accommodating guests with special dietary needs? Max Hansen Catering offers EDGE readers a simple and delicious meal that will bring out your inner Julia Child.

Lights, Trees and Gingerbread: Not-to-Miss Holiday Events

Monday Dec 9, 2013
Lights, trees, gingerbread and the Grinch are among the Christmastime attractions on display around the country. Here are some details...

Breaking the Holiday Habit: A Guide to Staying Thin This Season

By Stephen Mosher | Monday Dec 2, 2013
I sure do love the holidays. Not because of Santa or decorations or presents - I love it because I get to spend time with my family eating and drinking, then I get to spend January trying to undo the damage done to my waistline and psyche.

Black Friday Carnage: Officer Suffers Broken Wrist

Friday Nov 29, 2013
The holiday shopping season kicked off much earlier this year, as several retailers opened their stores on Thanksgiving Day. Many shoppers didn’t like that, but went out anyway. The sales continued through Friday. Things were mostly calm, though there wer

Gift Guide 2013: There’s No Business Like LGBT Business!

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Nov 29, 2013
Trying to decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars this holiday season? How about supporting LGBT entrepreneurs as they paint the world a rainbow of fabulousness?

NY Stores Trim Their Windows as Gifts to the City

By Samantha Critchell | Saturday Nov 23, 2013
Forget window shopping, some of Manhattan’s biggest and most storied retailers say their elaborate seasonal window displays are a gift to passers-by.

Gingerbread Houses Gain Holiday Stature

By BETH J. HARPAZ | Tuesday Dec 25, 2012
Out of the kitchen and into the hotel lobby: Gingerbread houses have gone from being a homemade project done with mom to professional exhibits designed by pastry chefs and sometimes even architects.

Celebrating the Holidays in Sunny, Gay L.A.

By Tatum Regan | Monday Dec 24, 2012
The holidays are here, and even though it’s not going to be a white Christmas in Los Angeles, sunny, gay L.A. knows how to gather the flock together to make the season special.

Frosty Holiday Cocktail with KahlĂșa Gingerbread

Friday Dec 21, 2012
As you dream of sugar plum fairies and gingerbread houses for your holiday entertaining, don’t forget the newly-released, limited-edition KahlĂșa Gingerbread.

Austrian Christmas Butter Cookies

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012
Vanillekipferl have always been a favorite Christmas cookie of Austrians.Here is one Austrian grandmother’s recipe, which is easy to make and really delicious. (They also make a great holiday present for friends and family. We’re just sayin’...)