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A Taste of the Berkshires at Logan International Airport

By EDGE | Wednesday Apr 30, 2014
Fans of many Berkshire artisans foods can now get them on the fly at Berkshire Farms Market, opening April 30 at Boston’s Logan International Airport in the Terminal B connector.

Downward Dog Before Flying High

By Lisa Rathke | Tuesday Jan 29, 2013
Travelers don’t equate the hustle and bustle of airports with yoga but now some airports are adding tranquil spaces where practitioners can stretch, meditate and get away from it all.

Terminal Bliss: Airport Layovers Get a Makeover

By Jason Keyser | Saturday Jan 12, 2013
Getting stranded at an airport once meant enduring hours of boredom in a kind of travel purgatory with nothing to eat but fast food. These days, it can seem more like passing through the gates of Shangri-la.
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