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Fall Film Previews

By David Lamble | Sep 5
The fall film season is unusually promising for LGBTQ filmgoers. Here are at least two dozen reasons for making moviegoing a regular habit from now until Christmas.

AIDS Funding Sought from CA Legal Marijuana Measures

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sep 5
A San Francisco-based AIDS agency is calling on the proponents of legalizing marijuana use in California to direct a portion of the tax revenues generated by doing so toward HIV, hepatitis C, and other health needs.

Summer Lovers

By Jake Mulligan | Sep 5
We're watching an unabashedly straight-male sexual fantasy, and the fact that "I'm So Excited!" plays on the soundtrack is enough to confirm that the film is self-aware about that.

Gay Rights Advocates: Jailed Kentucky Clerk Is No Martyr

By Claire Galofaro | Sep 4
As a defiant Kentucky clerk sat in jail Friday, choosing indefinite imprisonment over licensing gay marriages, her lawyers approached the microphones outside and compared her to Dr. Martin Luther King.

Is Caitlyn Jenner Lukewarm on Same Sex Marriage?

By EDGE | Sep 4
Caitlyn Jenner opened up about same sex marriage to Ellen DeGeneres in a taping of the first show of her 13th season and, in an excerpt released by TMZ, showed her more conservative roots. When she was Bruce, she confessed to being a Republican.

Truvada Is Working, But Users Show Spike in STDs

By EDGE | Sep 4
Truvada, the prescription drug used to prevent HIV transmission, is said to be working, according to a report in the SF Gate.

3 Gay Couples Get Marriage Licenses in Kentucky County

By Adam Beam | Sep 4
At least three gay couples received marriage licenses Friday in Rowan County, embracing and celebrating as the defiant clerk sat remained jailed because she refuses to issue the licenses or allow her deputies to hand them out.

Hoodie Recall For Possible Strangulation

Sep 4
About 1,200 hoodies for kids are being recalled because it has a drawstring around the neck that can cause a strangulation risk.

Study Says Penis Size Only Kinda Matters for Women

Sep 4
Is being a size queen only a gay thing? According to a recent study, it just may be.

Choking Cheese: Kraft Recalls More Singles

Sep 4
Kraft Heinz is expanding a recall of Kraft Singles products, saying a problem with the packaging film affects 10 times as many cases as it first thought.

6 thru 15 of 83250 Stories