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Maine Court: Anti-Gay Marriage Group Must Disclose Donors

By Alanna Durkin | Aug 4
Maine's highest court on Tuesday rejected a national anti-gay marriage group's latest bid to shield the identities of the donors who contributed to its effort to defeat the state's gay marriage law in 2009.

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LGBT Jamaicans Holding First Gay Pride Celebration on Island

INTERNATIONAL | By David McFadden | Aug 5
Jamaica's LGBT community is holding its first gay pride celebration, a weeklong observance that was previously almost unthinkable in a Caribbean country long described as the one of the globe's most hostile places to homosexuality.

Utah Group To Start Boy Scout Troop Welcoming Gay Leaders

NATIONAL | By Lindsay Whitehurst | Aug 5
Days after the Boy Scouts of America lifted a blanket ban on gay leaders, a Utah group that pressed for the legalization of gay marriage in the state announced Tuesday it will sponsor a Boy Scout troop.

Israel Jails Jewish Extremist for 6 Months Without Trial

INTERNATIONAL | By Tia Goldenberg | Aug 5
Israel has jailed a Jewish extremist for six months without charges or trial, expanding a crackdown against militant Jews and deploying a contentious measure typically used for Palestinians suspected of staging attacks.

Half of Blacks Say Police Have Treated Them Unfairly

NATIONAL | By Jesse J. Holland | Aug 5
A majority of blacks in the United States - more than 3 out of 5 - say they or a family member have personal experience with being treated unfairly by the police, and their race is the reason why.

Experts Say Pieces of Missing Flight 370 May Still Be Afloat

INTERNATIONAL | By Nick Perry | Aug 5
If a wing fragment found in the western Indian Ocean turns out to be part of missing Flight 370, experts say, there are probably other pieces of the aircraft that floated off rather than sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Economists Dump on Trump Boast to Bring Jobs Back from China

POLITICS | By Paul Wiseman | Aug 5
Donald Trump vows to bring back the millions of American jobs lost to China and other foreign competitors if voters put him in the White House.

Debate Field is Set: Trump, Bush In; Fiorina, Santorum Out

Beyond Trump, those selected among the top 10 - based on recent national polls - Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie and John Kasich

Drone Drops Drugs in Ohio Prison Yard, Spurring Inmate Fight

A drone dropped a package of drugs into a prison yard while inmates were outside, sparking a fight, prison officials said.

'Lion King' Animator Pays Tribute to Cecil

Cecil, the lion killed in Zimbabwe last month, is getting a tribute fit for a king.

Jewish LGBTQ and Ally Visionaries to Gather Next Week in Austria

Riding a wave of popular support for LGBTQ human rights worldwide, and in the shadow of the murder of Jerusalem Pride Parade marcher Shira Benki, more than 60 international Jewish LGBTQA community builders and activists will meet in Salzburg, Austria

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